About Framtida Bruk

Framtida Bruk is the name of our farm in Southern Sweden. It comes from a Swedish saying that means ‘for use in the future’, and for a long time, that described our dreams and plans about moving to the countryside and conduct a lifestyle with more fulfilling experiences and less stressful annoyances.

Framtida bruk is also a play with words, that has many meanings. It can be translated as ‘modern methods’ that describes what we are developing continuously, as we strive to combine modern technology with sustainable and efficient agriculture.

Another meaning that connects to our standpoint in sociology and technology is ‘future customs’. That is to us the need for not only transforming the way we work with animals and crops, but also challenge the traditions and customs that once described how agriculture was successfully performed, but not necessarily still is.

Our vision is to find ways to make use of modern methods such as cheap, smallscale, diy electronics combined with agile, deductive and decentralized methodologies. That in order to create an alternative to industrial, highly specialized and investment driven farming.

Who are we?
The farm is inhabited by Nils and Claire Sjöström and our growing family of animals:
– Our dogs Raoul, a borderaussie and Thor, a boerboel
– Kloa, the house-cat, as well as a barn-cat named Maxi who has decided he is moving in with us and refuses to leave the house…
– The goats – 21 swedish native breed milking goats named after different states in the US such as Florida, Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, etc (the story behind this is that we bought them on July 4th!).
– The goat kids – 15 female goats named after varius Greek goddesses and mythical creatures, and 12 billy goats that all are named Glenn.
– A few chickens.
– A varying amount of barn-cats.

We plan to expand the farm with some turkeys, and of course a couple of horses when the time is right. Besides that we want to expand the goat herd organically by breeding them, our goal is to keep about 40 milking goats.

Nils and Claire, January 2017